Welcome to Pine Rock Farms!



“Imagine the Possibilities” …Imagine a place where you and your family can walk, run, relax, hear a story, listen to a concert under the stars, cuddle a fuzzy friend, find a warm egg, gaze in wonder at a baby animal, find the perfect flower, smell the fresh air, stomp in puddles, lay on the grass, swing from a tree, discover the world with your child, take a meditation, movement or fitness class, paint with leaves, have a picnic, hold a party, chase fireflies, take a nap in the shade of tall pines, learn, dig, place your bare feet on soft moss, be in touch with the earth and just breathe. A place where you can just be you.

Imagine & Come Play!”


Pine Rock Farms is a small family farm established in 2001 as a place for our family to enjoy all the wonder of country living. The realization came quickly that our farm was becoming a place for family & friends to gather. We slowly went from hosting; to being asked to host various activities and events. Our goal has been and continues to be to enrich the lives of our family, friends and community by sharing what we feel is a small piece of perfection on earth.

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” ~Albert Einsein